15 Celebs Who Are Struggling with Severe illnesses

Sometimes it can seem like celebs are untouchable. That they remain healthy and rich, living a charmed life. But there is nothing easy about the life of a celebrity, and that on-the-go lifestyle is even harder for celebs who are also trying to manage serious medical conditions. Here are just some of the celebs who are working and smiling despite their condition.


1. Catherine Zeta Jones – Bipolar Disorder

Catherine Zeta Jones came forward about her disorder in 2011 when she checked herself into a hospital for treatment. She has bipolar disorder II, which is less severe than bipolar disorder I, but still comes with mood swings and depression. She found the problem harder to manage with the additional stress of dealing with her husband’s battle with throat cancer. For the most part, she is able to manage her disorder with limited medical intervention.

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