15 Facts About These Celebrities That Will Explode Your Brain

Nothing will actually explode your brain, with the exception of an explosive round or swelling of the brain due to an aneurysm or trauma that is not treated by alleviating the pressure through surgery. But you are here for celebrity facts, which means you will believe anything you read because it is easier than facing your own life. Here are 15 celeb facts that might actually buck the trend and kill you by exploding your brain.


1. James Lipton

Lipton, known for his success with The Actor’s Studio, during the 200th episode of the Bravo series Inside The Actors Studio, came out as an atheist, which totally blew everyone’s mind. Beyond that, he said that during the fifties while living in Paris, France, he worked as a pimp, arranging fair prices for girls who were paid for sexual acts.

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