The 20 Most Shockingly Short Male Celebrities


2. Daniel Radcliffe – 5’5”

Daniel Radcliffe is the one and only Harry Potter, but he was also one of the shortest actors on the set. That doesn’t stop the entire world from going crazy at the sight of him. He’s one talented and very rich actor, so it doesn’t seem like being short is going to ever hold him back from doing what he wants.

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  1. j rosen

    August 12, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    I have been about 5` 4″ most of my life, and now almost 80, have lost an inch or so. Nontheless I have managed to be married 4 times, including to one lady who was 17 years younger and 9 inches taller (we made an interesting couple!)I certainly took my share of ridicule and bullying as a kid (the most memorable one became a mailman while I went on to play in the Boston Symphony for 27 years)and I could never understand why being taller than me was thought such an achievement, being that it was so easy.

    Actually my son, when he was 5 (now he is a middle-height, highly successful corporate attorney), came up with the best answer: he was on the small side and when accosted by the usual nonsense,answered “I’m not short, my legs are short!”.

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