15 Celebs Putting on a Strong Face Through A Serious Disease

Sometimes it can seem like celebs are untouchable. That they remain healthy and rich, living a charmed life. But there is nothing easy about the life of a celebrity, and that on-the-go lifestyle is even harder for celebs who are also trying to manage serious medical conditions. Here are just some of the celebs who are working and smiling despite their condition.


1. Daniel Radcliffe – Cluster Headaches

Daniel Radcliffe recently revealed that he has something in common with his Harry Potter persona, which is that he suffers from severe headaches. Cluster headaches are a type of chronic headache that is among the most painful, and it happens in episodes. A person can get several attacks in one day during a cluster period, and these typically occur at the same time of day. So while they are very painful, they can at least be predicted.

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