18 Hairiest Female Celebrities

In Hollywood, women are expected to live up to conventional standards of beauty. But more and more women are turning away from those standards and not being afraid to be who they are, or just be a little relaxed about their grooming. There are even some celebs who decide to show off extra armpit hair for a good cause, and others who refuse to shave their legs as a way to make a statement. Read on to see who the hairiest female celebs in Hollywood are.


1. Beyoncé

Beyoncé may be on top of the world when it comes to her music, but this picture makes it clear that she isn’t always on top of her shaving. Here you can clearly see that she’s been neglecting shaving her armpits or has simply decided to make a statement. Whatever the reason, Beyoncé has been caught more than once onstage with hairy armpits.

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