Top 20 Celebrities Who Are Much Younger Than They Look

When it comes to celebrities, there is an expectation that they should always look young. They should always be looking in their prime, like the same celeb we know from 20 years ago. But sometimes a celebrity will have a look that is just more mature than their age, and sometimes the harsh life of a celebrity can take its toll. Take a look at these stars and see if you can peg down what age they really are.


20. Angelina Jolie – 43

Angelina Jolie has always been considered one of the more beautiful women of Hollywood, but that does not mean she is not subject to the sands of time. The toll of raising kids, drama in her life and the stress of a Hollywood lifestyle have caused the actress to look much older than 43. She has the tightly pulled face and the look of way too much makeup that just gives the appearance that she is trying to hide something.

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