Unimpressive Famous People and Real Facts About Them

You think you know everything about your favorite celebs? With Perez Hilton and TMZ reporting everything from who gets married to when they use the bathroom, you’d think nothing gets by you! Here are some interesting facts about some of your favorite celebs that we are willing to bet you never knew!


1. Dolph Lundgren

Swedish actor known for his roles in The Expendables and Rocky IV.

• Graduate in Chemical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden.
• Holds rank of 3rd Dan Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate
• Awarded a Fulbright scholarship to M.I.T.
• Graduate in Chemistry from Washington State University
• Master`s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Sydney in Sydney Australia
• European Champion 1980 and 1981
• I.Q of 160

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