Did You Know These Weird Stories About Famous People?

One of the most entertaining things that people have enjoyed in our time, and really in all eras and places are weird stories about famous people. Famous people have always been talked about by the masses because their lives are of interest to those with a more mundane existence. For the average person, when a famous person such as a celebrity or politician does something weird it interests them to know about it. There are many reasons for this many people simply do not have interesting lives of their own so other people`s lives entertain them. To get a taste of this I will list here 15 people who are famous and have done something weird that has entertained people.


1. Elvis Presley

Very few people know that from high school on Elvis Presley dyed his hair black. Even many of his fans do not know he was a natural blonde. You won’t see it in any of his pictures or record albums unless you go back to when he was a young man but his iconic black hair was not natural. Remember that next time you see a picture of Elvis with his slicked back black hair it isn’t real.

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