16 Of The Biggest Celebrity Cheapskates

When it comes to celebrities, we think of unlimited bank accounts and money to spare. While that may be true, not all celebrities spend like it. Even celebrities who have millions to their name will sometimes go above and beyond to save a few dollars. From stiffing the waitress to underpaying employees to buying a second-hand mattress, these celebrities have done what it takes to keep their bank accounts full.


1. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence might be part of a successful movie franchise and an Oscar winner, but that doesn’t mean she lives like it. Despite having a net worth of $40 million, she continues to live the same way she did before she got famous. She stays in the same small apartment in L.A. and she drove the same old Volkswagen for years. She says that she was raised to know the value of money and to respect it. It’s clear she was taught well.

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