The 16 Diet Secrets of Today’s Hottest Celebrities

If there’s one thing celebrities have to do, it’s stay in shape. Even if they are not expected to play a sexy starlet or superhero, they still have to appeal to their audiences. Celebrities are known to have plenty of little tricks and secrets that they use to keep their bodies in shape and looking good for the cameras. If you are looking to stay shape or get in shape, then these are the diet tips you need to know.


1. Lady Gaga

You might go gaga for Lady Gaga’s diet plan if you love whiskey. She says that the way that she stays in shape is by drinking whiskey whenever she wants and going for carb-free meals. She also recommends working out while hungover, which does not sound at all fun. Who wants to work out when you’re nursing a headache, feeling dehydrated and trying to figure out if the food in your stomach is going to stay down?

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