These 18 Celebrities Look Worse With Age

Some celebrities seem to get better with age., Not only have their skills improved, but they look great. For others, the price of fame and age is a steep one. The years have not been kind to these celebrities, as their looks in their old age are a far cry from how they looked when they were famous. Check out these celebrities who aged worse than all the rest.


1. Macaulay Culkin

Poor Macauley Caulkin is proof that those awkward teenage years can actually last forever. The adorably annoying and clever kid became a big star with his Home Alone series. But then he entered that awkward teenage stage of life and his acting career fizzled out. Today he tours with his band The Pizza Underground and is thoroughly enjoying life. He’s smart to focus on living his life and not worrying about the limelight, as he’s past his prime for the acting scene.

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